patagón  works by Cindy Cox   

FCL 2015

ASQ is very excited about our ongoing collaboration with Berkeley-based composer Cindy Cox, and our latest release (FCL 2015) features her work exclusively:

     Quartet I — “Columba Aspexit” (1995),
     Quartet II — “Patagón” (2012), and
     Elegy for solo violin, Zak Grafilo (1990)

This is the second recording that the ASQ has made of Ms. Cox's first quartet, Columba Aspexit, a stunningly difficult yet delicately spiritual work of exquisite beauty. The 2nd Quartet, Patagón, was written at the request of, and dedicated to, the Alexander String Quartet on the occasion of our 30th Anniversary. Cindy wrote this powerfully evocative work chronicling her sabbatical year spent partly amongst some of Argentina's most splendid natural sea- and landscapes celebrating the uniquely inspiring wildlife. She describes her inspiration for Patagón and delves into some of the technical aspects on the ASQ blog.

To read the composer's notes on all three works, see the complete track listing, or learn more about the ASQ's collaboration with Cindy Cox, visit this page.




FCL 2014

Schumann:  Quintet for Piano and Strings
in E-flat Major, Op. 44

Brahms:  Quintet for Piano and Strings
in F Minor, Op. 34

Celebrating our wonderful partnership with one of the most exciting and heralded artists of her very young generation, we are thrilled to release this recording with one of our all-time favorite collaborators. Joyce radiates the joyfulness and abandon we all sensed in this landmark recording. The exuberance is captured, once more, by Judith Sherman. Visit this page for liner note and review excerpts, and complete track listing.

Brahms Schumann Piano Quintets —
a MusicWeb International Recording of the Year:

“I felt then that I had found my perfect recording of these two favourite works. While it remains enjoyable, Joyce Yang and the Alexanders have completely trumped it. Quite how they have managed to find new things to say about such standard repertoire is quite beyond me, but there is something to marvel at around every corner.”
— David Barker, Music Web International,  (Mar. 2014, FCL 2014 Brahms Schumann Piano Quintets)

“I’m not often as bowled over by core repertoire recordings as I was by this one. After handing off the album to a friend, the second opinion came back positive too: “The Alexanders really have a great feel for Brahms,” he said, and then he borrowed all the other ASQ albums I had.” — Brian Reinhart, Music Web International,  (Mar. 2014, FCL 2014 Brahms Schumann Piano Quintets)




FCL 2012   (2 CD set)

Disc 1
String Sextet No. 1 in B-flat Major, Op. 18 (1860)
String Sextet No. 2 in G Major, Op. 36 (1864 – 65)

    Alexander String Quartet
    Toby Appel, viola I  (Op. 18); viola II  (Op. 36)
    David Requiro, cello I  (Op. 36); cello II  (Op. 18)

Disc 2
String Quintet No. 1 in F Major, Op. 88 (1882)
String Quintet No. 2 in G Major, Op. 111 (1890)
    Alexander String Quartet
    Toby Appel, viola I  (Op. 88); viola II  (Op. 111)

Some of our all-time favorite repertoire with some of our all-time favorite collaborators: The Viola Quintets (with violist Toby Appel) and the String Sextets (with the addition of cellist David Requiro) were all recorded February 4-8, 2013 with producer Judith Sherman. After a lengthy series of performances which began on the east coast in Fall 2012 and continued on the west coast with performances for Music at Kohl Mansion, the Santa Rosa Chamber Music Society, and then a weeklong series with the ASQ at our Eighth Annual Yehudi Menuhin Festival and Seminar, we finally recorded this largest component in the recording project that we've planned for more than four years. This is a critical component in the larger sequence of complete Quartets, Quintets and Sextets of Brahms that we began in San Francisco and New York more than six years ago. Earlier recordings in the "Brahms Project" include Zak's piano transcriptions on FCL 2006 and the Clarinet Quintet with Joan Enric Lluna on FCL 2007.   Visit this page for liner note and review excerpts, and complete track listing.

More about the Brahms Project

Brahms Clarinet Quintet:
In Friendship

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“It is almost as if this Quartet and their additional players for these Quintets and Sextets visualize the music as if it were a modern construction by Bartók or Stravinsky, and then work to modify the line according to those lights. What is amazing, then, is not that their performances are exciting and dynamic but that they still work within the parameters of Romantic-era music.... An excellent album…and well worth acquiring. The Quintets alone will simply blow you away”

— Lynn René Bayley, Fanfare Magazine
(Feb. 2014, FCL 2012  Brahms String Quintets and Sextets)