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Please consider contributing to support FoghornClassics' recording projects.

Since 1994, FoghornClassics has released more than 15 recorded titles on more than 30 discs featuring the Alexander String Quartet. Many of these releases have included some our closest musical collaborators, performers and composers alike, even some protégés.

All of our projects have included repertoire that we believe is important and which probably would not have happened had we not created our own label specifically for this purpose. The work has been richly rewarding but also very costly as all wort hwhile endeavors must be. Our label could not exist without the generous and constant participation of many supporters who have contributed both large and small tax-deductible gifts along the way. We rely on the generosity of kind and thoughtful people who help our small label to thrive. We hope you will consider joining a small but growing circle of donors and help us to complete The Brahms Project or another forthcoming project.

Over the years, support of our recording projects has come in the form of anonymous contributions, memorial gifts, some just from dear friends who wanted simply to lend a hand, support good and worthwhile music or sometimes to commemorate a special occasion. We invite you to consider this as an opportunity, particularly if we can help you to observe a significant moment through music.

If you care to read between the lines in some of our catalogue booklets, you might learn something, often very discreet, about some of the people who have helped make it work. There are also several individuals who have preferred to remain anonymous. The members of the ASQ are not compensated for our recorded work and many of our collaborators also contribute their expertise, time and effort. Be assured that any contribution you consider making would help maintain the highest possible production values while enabling FoghornClassics to operate without debt.



Thanks to a very generous patron, we are able to match dollar-for-dollar your contribution of any amount up to $5,000.


To make a contribution of $500 or more, please contact us:



Tax deductible contributions of any amount up to $499 can be made through San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music — please specify our name in the list of Affiliates: